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About us

EduPlanet Language Centre has come into being as a result of the experience gained over the years of research conducted in the field of teaching methods. Our goal is to help you learn a foreign language in an easy and efficient way by expanding your vocabulary and complementing it with speaking practice and grammar drills.

To achieve this goal, we use innovative and original methods, tailored to meet the needs of every student.

The lessons are held in the foreign language by using inductive learning style, which involves applying grammar rules while practicing conversation skills.

Attention and curiosity of the students are stirred by means of various teaching tools and creative activities like music, arts, role play and theatre, all of which make the lesson enjoyable and interesting.

Join us!

We are ready to offer you or your company several linguistic services and language courses in European, Oriental, Slavic languages and Italian language courses. Our ultimate goal is to make it possible for the students to think in the foreign language they have been learning by extending vocabulary and grammatical structures as they arise in the conversation. Our selling points are mother-tongue teachers, conversation classes, language activities open to everyone and fast and efficient results.

Such approach allows to start speaking the chosen language in just few months!

Our team of experienced mother-tongue teachers will help every student reach their goal by creating a tailor-made learning programme. Our teachers regularly attend seminars and training courses to stay current on the latest developments in their professional field.

Where can you find us?

Our headquarter is located in Porta Pia area in Rome, which makes it easily accessible with public transportation; it is also within an easy walking distance from Termini station. But don’t worry! We offer our courses online, too!


Learning foreign languages has never been so much fun!

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Laura Magno

I am Laura and I am the Managing Director of EduPlanet Language Centre. A great interest in foreign languages and cultures as well as the passion for the study of the learning methods has always marked my life.

My language training begins in high school. Having obtained the Certificate of Linguistic High School, I started attending the University of Foreign Languages and Literatures, first in Italy and then in Germany at Johannes Gutenberg-Universität in Mainz, where I began to study the Foreign Language Teaching Methodologies. When I was 25, I moved to England to write my post-graduate thesis in Comparative Linguistics featuring the analysis of the methods of English language used by Italian emigrants in the late 1970s. This research has had a huge impact on my future career choices.

I moved to Rome to continue my studies with a Master’s Degree in Linguistics and Cultural Mediation for international relations.

Following a number of professional experiences at several EU institutions as well as the private language schools, I founded EduPlanet Language Centre in 2009, where I can continue to study and implement new teaching methodsWith the help of professional and continuously trained mother-tongue teachers we have been offering innovative, efficient and enjoyable learning programmes for over 12 years now.