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Study trips and Summer English camps? Take off with EduPlanet!

For over 5 years, we collaborate with Helkin –  leading tour operator in the field of study trips, offering you:

  • Study trips all over the World targeted for kids, teens and adults
  • Traineeships and corporate working experiences abroad
  • High School Programmes, term, half-term and academic year long programmes
  • Summer English Camp in Italy (7-12 years) with English tutors
  • One-to-one courses, family programmes, au-pair language programmes

Our Language Centre is the result of the experience gained over the years of research conducted in the field of teaching methods that enable students to learn a new language in an easy, efficient and enjoyable manner. Our methods are based on communicative approach that promotes grammatical competence and speaking skills alike. 

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Join us and learn by travelling!

Choose your study program abroad

  • Study holidays all over the world 9-18 years old
  • Study holidays for adults 16+
  • High School Program: half term, one term and academic year abroad (15-18 years old)
  • Work placement programmes abroad:
    – Traineeships
    – Au pair
  • Family programmes: study holidays for the whole family

Choose you study program in Italy

  • Kids Summer camp for children aged 8-11 years old

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on our Study trips and Summer English camps