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Italian language courses in Rome

EduPlanet’s Italian language courses in Rome aim to help the foreign students to learn Italian language and culture.

We offer general Italian courses as well as the courses, whose purpose is to prepare students for international certificate exams.

The courses are designed for adults, teenagers and kids and customised according to specific requirements and professional fields.

Italian language course programme is divided into three levels: elementary, intermediate and advanced.

The standard course features two parts: the first one is dedicated to the analysis of the language as well its grammar structures and forms; the second part features speaking activities enabling the students practice the language in a fun and engaging way.

The course features:

  • Placement test, intermediate test and final test
  • Customised learning programme according to the requirements of the student
  • Attendance certificate indicating the proficiency level achieved

Furthermore, based on individual interests of students, we hold the following activities:

  • Lessons of Italian culture (literature, cinema, arts, history, politics etc.)
  • Speaking clubs

Our Teachers

Our professional mother-tongue teachers are awarded with DITALS certificate (Certificate in Teaching Italian to Foreigners)

Intensive conversation course

10 hours course with lessons starting from 30′ each = €330 +vat.
One-to-one courses offers you the maximum flexibility: choose duration, face to face and online frequency, days and times of the lessons with our mother-tongue teachers.

Walking Italian Courses project

The Walking Italian courses are special courses for adults, teenagers and kids but also for the whole family. They include some in class lessons focused on grammar and others around the city, with the aim of putting immediately into practice what you’ve learned in class. Get in touch with the Italian culture and customs while visiting some of the most beautiful places in Rome!

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Exam Preparation Courses


Italian language competence certificates certify the language skills, necessary to progress in studies or professionally. There are two types of exam: CELI Immigrants and CELI Teens.


The learning objectives of the Certification of Commercial Italian are to master the Italian language at an advanced level and to be able to communicate with people in working environment.


Dante Alighieri society certification allows to clearly demonstrate your competency level in Italian in order to enrol in an Italian University or use your language skills in your professional field.

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