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Language activities for kids in Rome? Pick EduPlanet!

For the youngest, EduPlanet holds recreational activities helping them to learn the foreign languages in the most natural way: among these there are arts and crafts, theatre workshops, songs, guided tours in Rome.

Mastering the language is not all about learning the grammar rules, one should learn how to use them! Speaking activities in foreign language help to practice and memorise new information.


Seeing is believing!
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Guided tours in Italian with activities in English

For children aged 4 to 15 years old, to discover Rome and learn new words in English.

The excursions will be carried out in compliance with the d.p.c.m. in force at the time of carrying out the activities.

Language activities English for kids Rome

Art lab in English and theatre lab in Spanish

To learn languages through handicrafts and storytelling.

  • for children aged 3 to 12 years old having a basic level of English and Spanish
  • mini-groups of up to 6 participants of the same age
Language activities English for kids Rome

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