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For over 10 years we have been offering you
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Why choose our language courses?

EduPlanet is your Language School in Rome!

Our customised language courses, held by native speakers, meet the needs of  language learners of all levels and all ages.

Our teaching team is waiting for you! We guarantee great flexibility in the choice of attendance options like the frequency, days and time, as well the possibility to make up for the classes you cancelled with a 24 hours’ notice. We run one-to-one and small group classes.

We offer courses and services for companies and professionals featuring specific programmes and materials according to their area of expertise and their goals.


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In-person lessons at our school

Language courses from the comfort of your home

Online language courses

In-house training at your company’s premises

Italian language course Foreign languages School Rome EduPlanet

Choose your course

The first step is to find out your starting level of language skill as well as the objectives to be achieved by offering you a written test and a short test lesson with a teacher. Based on your language assessment results we will tailor a learning plan that will meet your personal and professional needs.

Italian language course Foreign languages School Rome EduPlanet

Learn with us

Our one-to-one and small groups lessons are based on non-formal learning that combines the study of grammar and practicing the language through conversation. This approach enables the learners to understand and start to speak the target language straight away.

Italian language course Foreign languages School Rome EduPlanet

Achieve your goals

We constantly track your language learning progress by giving you feedback regarding your progress and achievements. Upon completion of the course you will be able to put your newly- acquired skills into practice in personal or general circumstances and professional setting alike.

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