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Find out more about our courses aimed at obtaining English language proficiency certificates

EduPlanet holds English language exam preparation courses aimed at obtaining internationally recognised language proficiency certificates.

The courses are tailored to achieve the desired language proficiency level and prepare students for the final exam with the help of continuous practice and official tests simulations.

We organize exam preparation courses for adults, teens and kids. Our courses are held by mother-tongue teachers specialized in exam preparation courses

EduPlanet is an official Cambridge English Qualifications Preparation Centre and a Pretesting Centre certified by Cambridge English Assessment. Cambridge provides us with pre-tests before our students’ final exam date. First, our students take pre-tests, which we forward to the Cambridge English Centre, then they return the results to us with detailed feedback on the skills to improve.

Our exam preparation courses:

  • Kids 6-12 years old:
    > YLE (Young Learners English) Starters, Movers e Flyers. Find out more about our language courses for kids. More info about language courses for kids at school and at Pigneto here
  • Teens and adults:
    > Cambridge from KET (A2) to CPE (C2)
    > IELTS Academic and General Training
    > TOEFL
    > JFLT (Joint Forces Language Test) levels 0-5

EduPlanet is affiliated with the British Council and offers IELTS exam preparation courses. Personalized programs, free tools, monitoring of the course and official test simulations.

By preparing an IELTS exam with us, you can get a special discount on the exam registration fee

EduPlanet holds language exam preparation courses also for the following languages: French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Russian and Italian as a foreign language. Find out more.

At our school you can spend your corporate vouchers. Find out more.

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